Walter and Samuel Macqueen.

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I am somewhat familiar with Macqueens in Petty in 18th century, but I have never seen the name Samuel in any documents or parish records in the north of Scotland. (The name is quite unusual with any surname).


The name Samuel Macqueen though is found in Port of Menteith – Stirlingshire or  Perthshire…

One particular Walter Macqueen (I have born 1719 Port of Menteith) married Marion Junkine (Jenkins) with children Elizabeth, Mary, Christian, Helen and Samuel born 1763 and Walter born 1766.

This Samuel married Margaret McAdam and had children at Thornhill, Walter, Peter, Ann George, John, Margaret, William, Janet and David.


Walter was a name used also by Buchanans and Stewarts in this area,


I therefore posit that Samuel Macqueen in America was probably born in Perthshire. My mother was a Macqueen from this area, and family legend has it that these Macqueens came originally from Isle of Skye, although this must have been in 17th century or earlier as found after this in quite large numbers around Port of Menteith.


The Corribrough Macqueens probably came from Isle of Skye as well… There seem to be very few of them, it was not a large family.  I believe they left the Inverness/Nairn area in early 19th century (in fact in one letter (Catherine Mackintosh of Farr) it was stated to go to Perthshire for the education of the children).

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Samuel  Queen's original name was McQueen from Inverness Scotland.  He was part of the group they called the Maryland Catholics to Kentucky though it was his descendants who went to Scotland.   For more information go to link below




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This is the FB page for our Samuel Queen Group.  He came here in the 1600's and settled in Maryland.  If you would like to connect with this group, please contact Kelley Schrump   

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I see how the RootsWeb Clan Cameron has been closed down for a long while now. How do you go collect all the information and transfer it over to IO?

Jeanette Brentnall emailed me off list about this so she may be trying to do this. Hate to see all the records get lost.



I have asked for a few lists to be reopened so that I could get the old list of emails and invite them to the old list. However, the Clan lists have, in general, been very quiet, and not really worth the effort. If someone wants to do this work, Anne is willing to work with them, but she does not want to do very many of them.


Don't worry about the records -- the archives will remain right where they are now. 


As I've offered repeatedly, if someone wants to start up Clan-Cameron-Genealogy as a subgroup here, I will work with you to make that happen. I can't be the owner of it long-term because I don't have Camerons.