Re: Clan Cameron

Heather Cameron

Hi Margaret,

Sounds like you have done a fair bit of genealogy.
I am sure you will be good with running the Clan Cameron. I can give you a hand.
Have some links to Clan Cameron resources online. We just have to get enough people
to start talking about the clan and the families connecting into it. Is the McPhail one here too?

As mentioned my line of Camerons married into the Grant family way back.

For starters here is the US arm of my family.
Robert Cameron set up this website, and Diana Mackie did a lot of genealogy research for him.
There are Mackies in the family.

Apparently there were two Camerons/McPhails living around Inveravon on either side of the Spey River,
It seems they may have been connected and from the one famiy in the 1600s. Everything looks to be traced back
to the Spey River near the whisky distillery now there today. There is talk of illegal whisky making too.


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