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Hi Heather:  
Thank you for your response. I am new to doing this type of list.  My main experience was running a Facebook groups for my public school, animed at Alumni. Any advice, suggestions more than welcome.  I am "replying to group" as I think that allows everyone to see the response. Let me know if I should be choosing another option.

Although I have only had suggestions that I might have Camerons in my ancestry, in the last two months I have done research using Ancestry that makes it appear I am descended from the Cameron of Locheil who was so active with the Jacobites in 1745.  This came as a total surprise as I was trying to determine whether Ewen McPhee the Outlaw from Loch Quoich was an ancestor or perhaps part of another related line.  Ewen lived on Locheil lands around 1800 - 1850 and stole sheep from a fellow named Cameron of Corriechoillie.  
My connection to the Locheil Camerons appears to be through the McMaster family who lived in and around Kilmonivaig and Kilmallie.  My great great grandmother Kirsty McMaster married Alexander McPhee in 1857, their oldest daughter Helen married John McPhail about 1878, Helen and John's second daughter married Margaret married Donald Stewart about 1904, they had my mother Helen Stewart, who then married a Canadian soldier in 1946 so here I am.    Using dna I have uncovered some strong links to other descendents of the Locheil Cameron, and it does appear that a Cameron daughter married a McMaster man who seems to be my ancestor.  Lots of "weasel words" until I can verify all this.

I do think that the Ewen McPhee I descend from may not be the outlaw, but a comtemporary (cousin) of his.  My mother who was born in 1911 felt confident her granny's grandfather was the outlaw, based on family stories.  

I am also learning (quickly) abou all the emigration of Scots from Invernesshire to Eastern Canada and Eastern Ontario.  Many seem to have had links to Culloden.  Lots to keep me busy.

Cheers, Margaret

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