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Heather Cameron

Margaret, I am open to you doing the Clan Cameron one.

My Camerons hail from Inveravon, Banff, early 1700s. This is certainly a Clan Chattan area. They were also closely connected to Clan Grant.
Early 1700 they are on records as being McPhailes. The name got changed by William to Cameron alias McPhaile who married a very young 18 year old
Grant woman when he was in his mid 40s. This William McPhaile could have been over fur trading with the Grants in Canada for years. Hard to work out
whether they were originally Camerons or the marriage took place as long as he converted. Clan McPhail were apparently in disrepute at the time. ie. it is said that the wives were playing up and the men needed fast horses. So one doesn't know whether the name change was due to social pressure or what.

The only John McPhaile I have been able to trace in the records for late 1600s was a guy who was in the army and with Campbell when the platoon went into Glencoe and did that dastardly killing of the McDonalds. William, the son, named his first born son, James, and this got repeated down the generations. Should rightly have been John, going by the paternal grandfather's name. Perhaps John McPhail was actually in hiding. An ancestor William Cameron became a very successful business man in Chicago USA with his Cameron Canning Co..

Does anyone know more about this?

Heather Cameron

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